MINISO – Unicorn Eye Mask


Spec: Adjustable

Size: 19*9cm

Product Features:
1. Comfortable fabric
2.Can be used fro cold and hot therapy.
3. Reusable
1.Adjust the strap to the appropriate length for a comfortable wear.
2. For hot therapy, take out the gel pack and soak it in warm water below 40c for 5mins.
3. For cold therapy, take out the gel pack and cool it with ice cubes or put it in the refrigerator for 10mins.
1. Do not wring out. Rinse clean and leave to air dry
2. People who get eye bleeding are forbidden to use this product
3. Take out the gel pack before use when the external temperature is below 0C
4. Remove the OPP bag outside of the gel bag before use.

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