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    Spec: 32pcs

    Specifications: 32Pcs
    Product Features: Elastic texture, shiny and has a 3D effect when worn on the hands. Environmentally friendly materials, uses environmentally friendly friendly resin glue so bid farewell to fingernail injuries. Easy to stick on and easy to peel off.
    Material: Resin, ink
    How to Use:
    1. Clean the nails with alcohol then take off the transparent protective layer and select the model that is right for your nail
    2. Align the sticker to the nail push with fingers from the middle of the nail outward.
    3. With the supplied nail file, maintain a 45 degree angle to file off the excess parts
    4. To remove pull gently from the side
    Caution: Not suitable for children under 3 years old

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    MINISO 名创优品 美甲贴纸

    qimiao-MINISO 名创优品 - 美甲贴纸


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