MINISO – Stripe Linen-Like Hanging Organizer


Specification: 15x30x80cm
Product Features: Protects from dust, save space, easy to store
Material: 75% polyester 25% cotton
Storage: Store in a dry nand ventilated place. Keep away from the fire and humidity
How to use: Open the organizer, pull the zipper and it is reay to use
1. This product is not waterproof. Do not wash it in the washing machine. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity other wise discoloration may occur.
2. Wipe with wet cloth to clean. Use brush to clean parts that are difficult to reach. Do not knead.

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奇妙-MINISO 名创优品 • 条纹5格收纳挂袋奇妙-MINISO 名创优品 • 条纹5格收纳挂袋

家居, 收纳


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