Jordan & Judy – Beehive Hot Water Bag

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When Heating in Microwave
1. Please take off the knitted sleeve.
2. To avoid risk of explosion, do not leave excess air inside the bag when heating in the microwave
3. Do not heat the bag in a microwave whose heating power is over 800W and set high heat setting
4. Never heat the bag exceed 3 minutes in microwave
5. The time limit of 3 minutes includes the following heating after the first heating
6. If the bag swells or if there is any abnornal circumstance occurs while heating, stop heating and wait till the bag cools. Do not open the microwave immediately
Always Ensure the Bag’s Cap Gasket is in Place, and Bag is Tightly Sealed
Use of Hot Water Should Be Around 90c, and Do not Contact Acids, Alkalis, Greases, etc
Afater Filling the Water, the Air is Squeezed, the Screw Cap is Tightened and the Bag Body is Squeezed by Hand to Check for Water Leakage
Store the Bag in Dark, Cool, Dry place whyen not in use
Please don’t Stay Close to Your Body for a Long Time, in case of Scalds, Do Not Take off the Knitted Sleeve While Using
Adult Supervision for Filling and Using the Bag is Required for Children Under Twelve

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(3 customer reviews)

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