Alobaby Baby Bottom Cream 75g


Made-in-Japan organic Baby Bottom Cream relieves inflammation such as diaper rash. This bottom cream contains Crame Maritima and Sambucus Nigra extracts that help to enhance skin’s barrier function. The presence of Shea Butter makes the cream easy to spread on the delicate zone.
Baby cream with plenty of shea butter, a highly moisturizing ingredient. 99% or more naturally derived ・ Eight additive-free and gentle on baby’s skin. Contains natural Hamana extract to protect the delicate buttocks and prevent rough skin. Easy-to-use unscented type.
Contents: 75g
Newborn (0 months old) -Children / Adults
* Synthetic fragrances, synthetic coloring agents, alcohol, synthetic polymers, parabens, silicon, mineral oil, and petroleum-based surfactants are not added.

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