Delivery and Return Guidelines

Delivery Guidelines

Order Processing and Delivery Time

Qimiao Life will deliver the products to the designated delivery address you filled in through a third party. Our order delivery days are Monday to Friday (except holidays). Qimiao Life usually processes your order within 2-3 working days. The delivery time listed on the Qimiao Life website is a reference time, which is estimated based on the inventory status of the goods, the order processing speed and the delivery location.

Delivery Process

In order to allow you to enjoy a fast and convenient delivery process, Qimiao Life uses a local logistics team in most areas of the GTA for your delivery, and in other areas uses Canada Post to mail your order (in some cases, UPS and Fedex are also used for mailing). When filling in the delivery address, please check and verify your address carefully to avoid errors in your address.

Out-of-Stock Handling

If the products in your order are out of stock, Qimiao Life may temporarily cancel the out of stock products in the order and refund the difference. If the price of the out-of-stock product will affect your free shipping, the customer service staff will get in touch with you for further communication.

Tax Information

Sales tax is not included in the prices displayed on the products on the Qimiao Life website, and consumption tax will be added at checkout.

Delivery Confirmation

Please be sure to verify your order information when confirming the order, including your real name, delivery address (zip code, city, country), contact information, etc. All orders with incorrect addresses and names may be cancelled or returned by courier. If your order information is wrong, it will delay the progress of your order.

Change of Delivery Address

If you contact us to update your address before your order is shipped, Qimiao Life will not charge you any extra fees. The delivery address cannot be changed during the order delivery process.

Tracking Orders

You will receive an email notification from Qimiao Life after your products have been shipped . Your tracking number will be in the email, and there is no tracking number for deliveries made in our local logistics distribution area. If the email is blocked by your email provider and has not been received, you can log in to your account and check your tracking number under your order history. With the tracking number, you can check the delivery progress of the goods on the delivery website.

Shipping Rates

Ontario/Quebec Orders:

  • Free shipping for purchases over $99 CAD after pre-tax discount.
  • For purchases less than $99 CAD after pre-tax discount, a flat delivery fee of $12.99 will be charged.

Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/New Brunswick/Nova Scotia Order:

  • Free shipping for purchases over $129 CAD after pre-tax discount.
  • For purchases less than $129 CAD after the pre-tax discount, a flat delivery fee of $24.99 will be charged.

Other Canadian Region Orders:

  • Free shipping for purchases over $149 CAD after pre-tax discount.
  • If you purchase less than $129 CAD after the pre-tax discount, a uniform delivery fee of $29.99 will be charged.

The weight limit of free parcels is 8kg. For packages whose orders exceed the weight limit, customer service will take the initiative to contact customers to charge additional shipping costs for overweight packages (according to the actual cost of the express company). If you have any questions, please contact customer service at [email protected].

If, due to the wrong address, the delivery company cannot contact the consignee, and the consignee refuses to receive the package. Qimiao Life will contact the consignee after receiving the returned package. If you need to re-mail the package, Qimiao Life will re-issue the package after charging the re-mailed shipping fee; if a refund is required, Qimiao Life will refund the difference after deducting the package return shipping fee in accordance with the return policy (Except if the consignee has paid the return shipping cost of the package).

Return Policy

Time Limit and Conditions for Return and Exchange

If you are not satisfied with the goods, you can apply for a return or exchange online through customer service or contact us at the [email protected] email within seven days from the actual receipt of the goods. However, we cannot provide a refund for any return application that is more than seven days old. Please confirm the shelf life of perishable products when you purchase them. After purchase, we will not accept any refund request due to the product’s shelf life.

1.For all products with unopened packaging, customers can apply for a refund within seven days after receiving the goods, and the return must be paid for by themselves. No refund will be given if perishable goods are returned due to the customer’s failure to receive the goods in time.

2.We do not accept returns for opened products with non-quality issues!

3.For electronic products and some lifestyle products that have been unpacked and need to be returned due to personal preferences and other reasons, Qimiao Life needs to charge a restocking fee of 10% of the product regular price (not the sales price or price with coupon).

Exception:Exception: Skincare products are personal items, and they cannot be returned or exchanged due to non-quality issues after being opened!

For returns, Qimiao Life has the final right to interpretation.

Return Process Details

  1. Contact Qimiao Life customer service to apply for a return (provide the order number, clear photos of the product in question, product name, purchase quantity, personal contact information and other relevant information to the customer service via email, and provide the reason for the return and exchange).
  2. We may ask you to re-deliver the goods, but the postage needs to be covered by yourself.
  3. Qimiao Life will promptly follow up for you within three to five working days after receiving the return application. After approving your return request, we will arrange a refund of the goods based on the situation. The payment for the goods will be refunded to you through your original payment channel.

Returns Due to Incorrect Mailing Information

You are responsible for ensuring that all mailing information is accurate. If the order is returned by the postal company due to a wrong or incomplete delivery address that you provided, we will refund your payment through the original payment channel after deducting the return shipping cost and receiving the returned package; If the order is discarded by the postal company because the delivery address you provided is incorrect or incomplete, we may not be able to provide a refund.

Customer Notes

  • In order to ensure food safety, please carefully check the product and the shelf life when you receive it.
  • Please read the instructions carefully before consuming the product. People who are contraindicated should not take it. If you have any other questions about the product itself, you can directly contact the manufacturer for consultation.
  • If you experience any discomfort after consuming the product, please stop taking it immediately and seek medical attention.
  • Due to some product packaging updates, the goods you received may not be exactly the same as the pictures. Please refer to the actual product received.

Special Notes

Due to the following situations, if the order is delayed or cannot be delivered, etc. Qimiao Life does not bear any responsibility for the delayed delivery.

  1. If a product you’ve ordered is out of stock, it may delay the delivery of your order.
  2. The customer provided an incorrect or incomplete address.
  3. The delivery of the goods is not signed for, and the resulting repeated shipping costs and related consequences need to be resolved.
  4. Force majeure, such as natural disasters, traffic delays, sudden outbreak of wars, etc.

Qimiao Life reserves the right of final interpretation for rejecting any request for return or refund.